VITEEE CBT Online Exam Review on 6 April 2016 Answer Key


VITEEE PCB/PCM Online Exam Review in 1 2 3 Sessions: VITEEE had decided to conduct the online examination (CBT) from 6 April 2016 to 17 April 2016 at various examination centers. The entrance exam was held in 3 sessions and VITEEE exam timings Session 1: 9:00 am to 11:30 am / Session 2: 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm / Session 3: 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Every year large number of candidates were appeared to get the admissions in undergraduate engineering seats in VIT Vellore and Chennai Campus. This year, nearly 2.5 lacks of candidates had applied and eagerly looking for entrance examination to taking the admissions in VIT Vellore and Chennai campus. Here our team gathering the information about examination from the candidates who had appeared in the examination, said that questions were of moderate difficulty level with Physics Section being the more difficult and other sections were quiet tough. Here we are providing direct link of VITEEE 6 April 2016 Answer Key which was mentioned below article.

6 April 2016 VITEEE Online Exam Review on PCB/PCM Exam Answer Key

Anjum Chopra from CBSE board, who appeared from a Chennai centre, said, “There were direct questions in the paper. I found Physics section was difficult. The test comprised less analytical questions”. He score nearly 90-100 marks.

6 April 2016 VITEEE Physics exam review

This section was rated as tough. In this section questions were asked from Properties of Matter, Electrostatics, Laws of Motion & Work, Energy and Power, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current, Dual Nature of Radiation and Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics.

6-04-2016 VITEEE Chemistry Exam Review & Analysis

This section was rated as moderate. Questions were asked from the topics of Atomic Structure, p,d and f –Block Elements, Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics, Electrochemistry, Alcohols and Ethers, Organic Nitrogen Compounds and Biomolecules.

VITEEE Biology Exam Review analysis

This section was rated as tough. Questions were asked from the Taxonomy, Cell and Molecular Biology, Reproduction, Genetics and evolution, Human health and diseases.

6 April 2016 VITEEE Mathematics Exam Analysis

This section was more easy than other sections. Candidates are definitely full score in this section, why because this section comprised less analytical questions. This section questions were asked from the topics Matrices and their Applications, Trigonometry and Complex Numbers, Vector Algebra, Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions,  Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus and its Applications.

VITEEE English section review on 6 April 2016

This section was easy. Topics covered on multiple choice questions, Comprehension questions. They are based on short passages (30 -50 words) or lines of poems (2 -3) or dialogue (2 exchanges), English Grammar and Pronunciation.