Today 4 April RRB NTPC Exam Paper Review & Maths Questions


RRB NTPC Exam has been completed today i.e., 4th April 2016 in first shift. Many candidates have given their test and are waiting for their results. All those candidates must wait for few more days as the authority is still conducting RRB NTPC Exams. Actually, RRB will conduct these CBT exams till the end of April 2016. Hence those guys who are going to appear for RRB NTPC Exam in coming days are recommended to refer this website for knowing the questions. We are not assuring that these questions will repeat in the coming days but we are advising candidates to check these questions as reference. By following these questions, applicants may get the idea regarding the test and level of complexity of exam.

Todays RRB NTPC Morning Paper Review

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) is conducting Non Technical exams for the recruitment of 18252 Goods Guard, ASM and other vacancies. Huge applicants were applied for the posts and now those are appearing for RRB NTPC Exams. Candidates who have to appear for the test in coming days desire to know the review and asked questions of RRB NTPC. Hence we are contacting applicants and collecting SSC Adda RRB NTPC GK Questions every day. We are placing the same on our website every day. Many candidates are following use and knowing the questions asked in Railways Non Technical Exam. We hope rest of the applicants will also do the same to know RRB NTPC Maths Questions

4-4-2016 RRB NTPC 1st Shift Maths Questions

 Railways examination paper was easy compared to all the other recruitment and competitive exams. Coming to todays RRB NTPC Maths Paper, questions are somewhat tricky and time consumed. Applicants have to concentrate more on Simplification, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Geometry and other sections. Here below we are providing some of the questions asked in Bankers Adda RRB Non Technical exam.

4-4-2016 Railways NTPC Morning Shift Reasoning & General Science Questions

Railways NTPC test was conducting in three shifts every day i.e., 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts. Lakhs of candidates are appearing daily. The exam setters are designing the paper to shortlist maximum no of candidates in this test. So the paper was somewhat difficult only. In reasoning section the questions are from Blood Relations, Alphabet Test, Puzzles, Coding and decoding etc. Where as in General Science, candidates will get questions from basics

4 April Railways NTPC 1st 2nd 3rd Shifts General Awareness GK Questions

Huge candidates are looking for 4th April RRB NTPC GK Questions eagerly. On our website we are providing everyday’s general awareness questions on our website. Hence today also we have collected questions and asking all to provide GK Questions here.

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What is Makarsankranti?

Ans: Hindu Festival

Chipko Movement started in which state?

Ans: Rajasthan

Which Vitamin is responsible for Blood Clotting?

Ans: Vitamin K

What is the capital of Uganda?

Ans: Kampala

“Orang National Park” is located in which state?

Ans: Assam.

Longest river in India which does not fall into sea?

Ans: Yamuna.

What is planet X?

Ans: Nibiru Cataclysm.

Who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest?

Ans: Junko Tabei.

What is the capital city of Sri Lanka?

Ans: Colombo

Which is most peaceful country as per the 2015 peace index?

Ans: Iceland

Which of the followings is not an operating system?

Ans: C++

Which crop is produced at highest quantity in India?

Ans: Rice

Mica is found in which state of India?

Ans: Jharkhand, Bihar, Rajastan, Andhra Pradesh.

Male is the capital of which country?

Ans: Republic of Maldives.

Which is the cleanest city of India?

Ans: Mysore.

Anjolie Ela Menon is related to which field?

Ans: Artist.(Painter)

The longest Rail Route in India?

Ans: Dibrugarh – Kanyakumari Railway.

If H2O is water than What is KOH?

Ans: Potassium Hydroxide.

What is the newest member of WTO?

Ans: Afghanistan.

What is the operation Name of 1998 Pokharan Test?

Ans: Operation Shakti.

What does archipelagos means?

Ans: A group of small Islands.

SECOND SHIFT What is Sighmo?

Ans: Spring Festival.

Modern Olympic 1896 held in which city?

Ans: Athens, Greece.

Who is the author of “Malgudi days”?

Ans: RK Narayan.

Holi is celebrated with?

Ans: Gulal (Colours).

Adhai Din Ka Jhopda is in?

Ans: Ajmer, Rajasthan.

UNO headquarter located in which city?

Ans: New York.

Gravitational Force on two subjects depends on?

Ans: Combined mass and the distance.

India got freedom on 15th August in which time day/ night/ noon/ Midnight?

Ans: Midnight.

“Make in India” logo?

Ans: Moving Lion.

India’s largest freshwater lake?

Ans: Wular Lake.

Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1999?

Ans: Nawaz Sharif.

COFEPOSA is associated with?

Ans: Smuggling and retain foreign currency.

What is LIGO?

Ans: Laser Interferometer Gravitational  – Wave Observatory.

Oxygen was discovered by?

Ans: Joseph Priestley.

Change in position with distance is?

Ans: Magnitude.

Most abundant natural combustible gas?

Ans: Methane.

What is Oneirology?

Ans: Scientific Study of dreams.

In which year Sikkim get formed?

Ans: 1975.

Mount Everest is located in which country?

Ans: Nepal

Who got Olympic Quota in wrestling in 2015?

Ans: Narsingh Yadav.

Kangaroo is the national animal of which country?

Ans: Australia.

What is the foundation year of Arunachal Pradesh?

Ans: 1987.

Limerick is?

Ans: A five line poetry