RRB NTPC 3rd Apr 2016 Exam 1st & 2nd Shift Questions


3rd April 2016: Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) was successfully conducted NTPC Computer Based Exam on 3rd April 2016. Here we are providing RRB NTPC 3rd Apr 2016 Exam 1st & 2nd Shift Questions and answers. Candidates are searching for RRB NTPC3-4-2016 morning and afternoon shifts question paper can find here. We are collecting the General science and General awareness questions asked in today RRB NTPC Exam from candidates who appeared in Exam.

RRB NTPC 3rd Apr 2016 Exam 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift Questions

Here candidates can find GK and GS Questions asked in of RRB NTPC Exam held on 3rd April 2016 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shifts. RRB NTPC Exam 2016 held in 3 shift on every day and we have been updating questions asked in all shifts. Railway Recruitment Board (RRC) is conducting these exam to fill 18252 Non Technical vacancies in various parts of railway.

RRB Non technical 3rd April 2016 Exam Questions (1st Shift, 2nd Shift, 3rd Shift):

More than one crore candidates have applied for these non technical vacancies and RRB started conducting computer based written examination for eligible candidates. Candidates who are ghing to attend RRB NTPC Exam in further searching these exams and a bit curious about how is exam and question paper. Because of that we are proving 3rd April 2016 exam list of General Knowledge Questions and General Science Questions that were asked in RRP NTPC Exam of 3rd April along with answer.

RRB NTPC 3rd April 2016- 2nd Shift Question Paper

RRB NTPC 3 April 2016 1st shift or Morning shift and 2nd shift or afternoon shift question paper with answers are given below. Today’s morning shift question paper and afternoon shift question paper updated, check the links to download. By good learning and hard work we can succeed in RRB NTPC and all competitive exams. Check out for 3rd April 2016 1st, 2nd & 3rd shift questions and answers.

Toady RRB NTPC Exam Questions

  • Most abundant natural combustible gas? Methane
  • Who is Karl Marx? Philospher
  • Male is the capital of which country? Republic of Maldives
  • What is Planet X? Nibiru cataclysm (Dark Red Star)
  • India got freedom on 15th August in which time day/night/noon/midnight? Midnight
  • What is the foundation year of Arunachal Pradesh? 1987
  • Change in position with distance is? Magnitude
  • UNO headquarters? New York
  • What was the duration of PM Modi’s America visit in 2015? 5 Days
  • Indian wrestler who won Olympic quota in 2015? Narsingh Yadav
  • Gravitational Force on two subjects depends on? Combined mass and the distance
  • Holi is celebrated with? Gulal (colours)
  • 1st Nobel prize in medicine was given for inventing vaccine for which disease? Diphtheria
  • Adhai Din Ka Jhopda is in? Ajmer,Rajasthan
  • What is Oneirology? Scientific study of dreams
  • Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1999? Nawaz sharif
  • What is Serbian Traded Index? Capitalization-weighted price index
  • Most Peaceful country according to 2015 peace index? Iceland
  • Mica is abundant in which state of India? Jharkhand
  • Which crop is produced in large quantities in India? Rice
  • Which is not an operating system (OS X,Windows 98,C++,Windows 7)? C++
  • Which Vitamin responsible for clotting of blood? Vitamin B12
  • Longest railway route of India? Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari
  • Where did Chipko movement start in India? Uttrakhand
  • 1998 Pokhran test operation name? Operation Shakti
  • Madhubani Paintings Indicate? Forest of Honey
  • Life time of RBC? 120 Days
  • Indian National Army was formed by? Capitan Mohan Singh
  • First Chief Election Commissioner of India was? Sukumar Sen
  • When was Indian National Congress formed? December 28, 1885
  • Where is Orang National Park situated? Assam
  • What is Makar Sankranti? Festival
  • Cleanest city of India? Mysuru
  • New Member of World Trade Organisation? Afghanistan
  • Archipelago means? Group of islands
  • World Wide Web invented by? Tim Berners-lee
  • Who built Fathehpur Sikri? Akbar
  • Davis cup 2015 winner? Andy Murray
  • Alfred Nobel invented? Dynamite

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