RRB NTPC 29-03-2016 Morning & Afternoon Shift Questions


RRB NTPC 29-03-2016 Morning Shift Questions

RRB NTPC 29-03-2016 Afernoon Shift Questions

RRB NTPC 29 Mar 2016 3rd Shift Questions

World Tobacco DayMay 31

2015 World Cup HostingAustralia,New Zealand

World environment dayJune 5

Bismark of India –  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Largest boundary shared with BangladeshWest Bengal,India

Kaislas satyarthi and malala got noble prize which year2014

Mom mission year24 sept 2014

RTI implemented in which year2005

Second longest river of indiaGodavari

Who was the 1st lady president of indian national congressAnnie Besant

When was rupee symbol adoptedofficially adopted in 2010(launched on 8 July 2011)

Who won 1st olympic medal of badmintonSaina Nehwal

Where was national science conference held in indiaNew Delhi

Which is not a green house gashydrogen

Which of the following gases has color and odour oxygen

Bharat ratna non recipient –  Ms subbalaxmi, lataji, ar rahman  –  Ar Rehman

What is the name of mission to be sent to study sun in 2019-2020Aditya

Which of the following has declared ‘Cow’ as Personality of the Year 2015Yahoo India

Name of the operation between Pakistan and India in Kargil WarOperation Vijay

World heritage site Bhimbetka,MP is famous forRock Shelters

What is Akash missileSurface to Air Missile

Who is the cheif guest for republic day 2016Francios Hollande

If the Temperature of the body decreases this condition is calledHypothalamus.

Osteoporosis is related to which organBone

The pressure in AeroplaneCabin air pressure

RRB NTPC 29-03-2016 Afternoon Shift Questions

RRB NTPC CBT exam was successfully completed today morning and afternoon shifts. We are already published RRB NTPC 29-03-2016 Morning questions and now we are updating RRB NTPC 29-03-2016 2nd Shift questions and review of Exam. RRB NTPC exam have 4 sections General Science, General Knowledge, Reasoning and Aptitude. We have collected information about RRB NTPC questions and review from candidates who appeared in today RRB NTPC Afternoon shift and exclusively present here to help candidates who are going to attend next RRB NTPC exams.

RRB NTPC 29 Mar 2016 Afternoon Shift Review:

Today RRB NTPC Exam was too easy. 80 to 90 questions are too easy to attempt and most of the candidates we asked more than 90 marks have attempted. Out of 4 sections General Science questions asked in RRB NTPC are quite difficult and remaining all sections is too easy. Here below we update questions asked in today 29th March 2016 Afternoon shift Exam Questions and Answers.

General Science: Difficult

General Knowledge: Easy

Reasoning: Too Easy

Mathematics: Easy

Swej nahar is in which country – Egypt(Mediterranean Sea to Red Sea).
What is graphene – Allotrope of carbon.
Radar full form – RAdio Detection And Ranging.
What is umami – 5th basic taste of tongue
Highest grand slams winner male – Roger Federer
Oscar winner director from India – Satyajit Ray
DPT FULL FORM – Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus
Which river flows through Karnataka and TN – Kaveri
2015 TIME person of the year – Chancellor Angela Merkel
Father of geometry – Euclid
Zika virus spread by – Aedes mosquito
Berlin wall demolished in which year – 1989.
Which language use ideographs – China and Japan.
SPM full form – Suspended Particulate Matter
Tallest building in world – Burj Khalifa
Who gives oath to the President – Chief Justice of India.
No. of medals for India in 2012 Olympics – 6 medals.
Kamarup kingdom is in which state – Assam.
Chief justice of India retirement age – 65 years
Chemical name of Baking soda – Sodium Bicarbonate
Lemur are found in – Madagascar.
Chandrashekhar Limit is applied to – Mass.
Bhimbetka caves are approximately how many years old – 30,000 years.
Maximum gold in olympics by which person – Michael Phelps.
What is tomato – It is a fruit.


RRB NTPC 29th Mar 2016 Morning Paper Analysis

Hey Guys!! RRB NTPC Exams were completed first day and it has been conducted today’s morning shift successfully. Day by day there is increase in total number of candidates appearing for the test. Railway Recruitment Board has issued a notification for 18252 various vacancies in many regions. Huge response has been received by the authority and those applicants who applied for the posts are giving their online tests. Here we are coming up with an RRB Morning Shift Paper and its analysis. As the test is going to be conducted in coming days i.e., till the end of March, many candidates are awaiting to appear for their exam on the specified date. The applicants who are going to give test can refer the following to know exam analysis and RRB Exam Question Paper and asked questions.

RRB Exam Question Paper Morning Shift

Actually we have asked some candidates to share their questions and review analysis of RRB Paper Today. Some of the candidates were shared and given few questions that are asked in today’s RRB NTPC Todays Exam Paper. Many of the students were stated that the exam was somewhat easy. Mathematics and Reasoning sections are easy and General Science and General Awareness are a bit tough. Candidates who are preparing for the banking exams can will easily crack the test.

RRB 29.03.2016 NTPC Exam Morning Shift Reasoning & Mathematics

Mathematics and Reasoning questions are easy compared to all other exams and recruitment tests. Few questions are from simplification and few more on other mathematical concepts. Bankersadda RRB NTPC Review has been given below. Overall the paper was easy and candidates will face some difficulty in Reasoning section

RRB NTPC General Awareness Review

General Awareness is the section which can be used to score good marks. But getting the score in this area is not that much easy. All candidates need to go through the current affairs and GK Questions. If those applicants are familiar with last 6 months current affairs then the RRB Job is will be in their hand. So we are recommending the applicants to prepare more Current Affairs

RRB NTPC General Science 29th Mar 2016 Questions

We have observed that many applicants are eagerly searching for General Science questions before the exams were started. The applicants who wish to general science questions can go through the following as here we are providing asked questions in General Science and environmental science. We are asking students to share their questions in the test, so that it is helpful to all those candidates.

Today’s RRB NTPC 29 March 2016 Exam Asked Questions

  • which indian king used naval power to conquer ports of east asia?
  • where is the island of Sychelles located?
  • Green house gas effect on Earth?
  • Land locked country?
  • Largest non polar desert in the world?
  • Jimmy Wales and Larry Sangers related with which company?
  • Unesco hq
  • Organic compounds made up of?
  • Thailand currency
  • RBI founded in?
  • Landlocked country?
  • Pollination by wind is called?
  • Reared for its fleece or Fiber in?
  • where in the human body can you find islets of langerhans?
  • Brightest star in our sky?
  • Maximum foot ball titles won which country?
  • Medieval indian book of mathematics ?
  • where can you find the kunchikal water falls?
  • world environment day?
  • Last mugal emperor?
  • Thailand currency?
  • Mangalyan launched from?
  • RBI Nationalised in which year?
  • Queen berry rules in which game?
  • A Deep crack in glacier is called?
  • Frontier Gandhi is?
  • National song wrote?
  • What did Edward Jenner pioneer?


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