Review on Questions asked in SBO PI prelims Exam 21st June 2015 4th Slot

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welcome to

SBO PI prelims Exam 21st June 2015 4th Shift:

Hi friends

My Name is Raju

I have attended today SBI PO Pore Test in Hyderabad

I have tensed a lot about this exam before going to examination hall

My brain was not working in examination hall and I am sitting at my place with blank mind

After open question paper I am wasted 2 to 3 minutes but I don’t know why I wasted that time

After I started with Reasoning section because I have prepared reasoning g questions very much

I was attempting 1 by 1 questions without watching time

After 10 questions completed I observed time that is 16 minutes completed

So I go for question which I have to solve easily. After that I have attempted 12 questions in 9 to 10 minutes. Finally I have completed reasoning section with 22 attempts in 25 minutes.

After that I have only 35 minutes.

I have divided 35 minutes time into two parts that is 20 + 15

Then I Have started English Language section. As per my schedule I have attempted 17 questions in English in 12 minutes (less than 15 minutes).

Then I have gone for Aptitude section. In that I have attempted 13 questions in 18 minutes

Then I Have 15 minutes time

Then I went for reasoning section again and attempted another 5 questions in that section

After all this still I have 5 minutes time

Then I attempted 2 questions in Aptitude section

Finally I am satisfied with my attempts. I have attempted

Reasoning: 27 in 35 minutes

English Language: 17 in 12 minutes

Aptitude: 15 in 23 minutes

Topics Covered in Today Exam:

Syllogisms: 5

Seating Arrangement (In & Out): 10

Direction Sense: 2

Puzzles: 5

Inequalities: 5

Miscellaneous (Coding-Decoding,Blood Relation  etc): 8

Profit Loss,  Time, Speed & Distance, Trains, SI,CI, Mensurationetc: 8

Series: 5

Data Interpretation: 10

Quadratic Equations: 5

Data Sufficiency: 0

Permutation & Combination & Probability: 2

Simplification: 5

Reading Comprehension: 10

Fill ups: 5

Para Jumble: 5

Cloze Test: 5

Errors: 5

I am confident on all questions. I did not expected that I will attempt 59 questions

I suggest for candidates who are going to next SBI PO Examination, Aptitude section is very hard so you have to prepare more for this section

Thank you friends to share my experiences thank you very much

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