Profit & Loss


Welcome to Competition is reached to high for all competitive examinations. Especially large numbers of candidates in India prefer bank jobs. Candidates who will get the better score in exam are only eligible for interview. Now SBI has introduced preliminary test. Based on the ratio top most candidates only eligible for mains exam. to appear in main exam we need to attempt maximum questions in exam. When we practice on more topics then we can easily attempt more question. Apart from practice we need some tricks and tips to solve questions in short time. Out of all sections in bank exams aptitude section will take large time. Profit and loss topic is one of the important topics in aptitude section. Here we are discussing about this topic. Here below we are providing a pdf file containing problems, solutions, tips and tricks for profit and loss topic. Download below pdf file and solve all questions to get brief knowledge on this topic.

Basic formula:

Gain or profit= SP-CP

Loss= CP-SP

Gain % = (Gain x 100)/ CP

Loss % = (Loss x 100)/ CP

SP = ((100+Gain%)100/CP) or ((100 – loss%)CP/100)

CP =  (100 x SP)/ (100 + Gain%) or (100 x SP)/ (100 – Loss%)

More formulae and problem are in below pdf file.

Quantitative Aptitude Questions on Profit and Loss pdf download: