Indian History-Pre historic Period in India

Indian History
  • Who discovered a Paleolithic stone tool in India in 1863  Robert Bruce
  • The Paleolithic man in India is also called               Quartzite man
  • The two prime occupations of Paleolithic age man were ______.              Hunting, Gathering
  • Microliths (tools made of stone) were first discovered by ______ in ______.     Carlyle, 1867
  • 10,000 – 4000 B.C. in pre-historic period of India is called                Mesolithic Age
  • Rock painting was a distinctive feature of which pre-historic period?       Mesolithic
  • Name the major sites in India where the Mesolithic discoveries are seen: Bagor, Tilwara,     Langhnaj, Birbhampur, Sarai Nahar (Rajasthan)
  • The term Neolithic was first coined by ______ in ______.            Sir John Lubbock, 1865
  • The discovery of Neolithic age tools was made by ______.          Le Mesurier
  • An important Neolithic site of northwestern region is ______.   Mehrgarh
  • The cereals that were first grown by the earliest man were ______.       Wheat and Ragi
  • Which of animals was tamed by Neolithic people: Dog
  • The first metal to be used by man was: Copper
  • The first thing that primitive man learnt was : to make fire
  • Pottery first appeared in: Neolithic Age
  • In India the two important religions that originated in the middle Gangetic plains.             (a) Jainism (b) Buddhism
  • In ancient times several foreign tribes reached India through north-western mountain pass. Name any of the two such tribes.   Kushanas and Huns
  • Pataliputra, modern Patna was provided natural defence by which rivers?           The Ganges, Son and Gandak
  • In Madhya Pradesh maximum number of Prehistoric Rock Shelters are found at                Bhimbetka


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