National Emblems of Various Countries

General Awareness

National Emblems of Countries: In every competitive examination there will be at least one question on National Emblems. You may get these questions probably in general awareness section. General Awareness section is very important aspect in most of the competitive exams. To get the maximum marks in GA section candidates are required to concentrate of different topics like this. Now a days exam setters are asking one questions on National Emblems of Countries

National Emblems of Various Countries

Actually we are here provided different concepts that are useful for bank exam preparation. In the same way we concentrate on National Emblems For Countries and providing here with pictures. You can frame National Emblems Questions based on the following. Questions on National Emblem probably get in all banking and other competitive exams. All the job hunters are advised to go through the following information and practice more no of questions daily.

National Emblem is an official emblem which is used by a nation as a symbol for that nation. Many nations have emblems and each emblem represents a particular meaning. Most of the countries have birds, trees, flowers and etc as their National Emblems.

This is also one of important topic in all exams such as SSC, UPSC, IBPS and all competitive exams. Hence we are recommending all job seekers to keep this as important study material and prepare well. Applicants can check this list of National Emblems and countries before going to exam.

Country Names with National Emblems

Kangaroo                                :          Australia

Water Lilly                              :          Bangladesh

White Lilly                              :          Canada, Italy

Beach                                      :          Denmark

Lily                                          :          France

Corn Flower                            :          Germany

Lioned Capital                         :          India

Lion                                         :          Sri lanka, Sierra Leone

Rose                                        :          UK, Iran

Shamrock                                :          Ireland

White Lilly                              :          Italy

Chrysanthemum                      :          Japan

Kiwi                                        :          New Zealand

Crescent                                  :          Pakistan

Eagle                                       :          Spain

Elephant                                  :          Ivory Coast

Lion with Crown                    :          Luxembourg

Golden Rod                            :          U.S.A

Secretary Bird                         :          Sudan

Bauhinia (orchid tree)             :          Hong Kong

Baobab tree                             :          Senegal

Lion                                         :          Netherland,Norway, Belgium

Crescent and Star                    :          Turkey

Cedar tree                               :          Lebanon