Marketing Aptitude Study Material For SBI IBPS Bank Exams-Part 1


All our friends are asking about the previous papers of Marketing for SBI Clerks Online Exam 2014. But we came to know that many of them don’t have the basics of Marketing. So we felt it will be helpful for them if we post some basic information about marketing. So friends, before spending your time on old or practice papers just read the below articles first. These are the basics of Marketing. It wont take much time to complete this. But trust us, it will really helpful for you while solving the marketing section of upcoming SBI Clerks Online Exam. Ok, why to waste time? have a look at the following details……..


Marketing is nothing but to Tell about your product and to Sell it. The technical definition is “ Marketing is the process of planning and executing the concepts, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas/goods/services to satisfy individual’s/organizational “.

There are ceveral types of marketing are there, some of them are

Bench Marketing

The Bench Marketing is nothing but the comparison of the business processes with competitors and improving prevailing ones.

Drip Marketing

Drip Marketing is nothing but sending promotional items to Clients.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is nothing but, Marketing by the word of the mouth, having a high pass-rate from person to.  The best example for this is Creating a ‘buzz’ in the industry.

Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla Marketing is an Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources. (just remember Maximum results from Minimum resources)

Social Media Marketing

Marketing using online communities, social networks, blog marketing etc is called the social media marketing.

Direct Marketing

If the company directly reaches to the customers on a personal basis (ex : phone calls, private mailings, etc) rather than traditional channel of advertising (like TV, Newspapers, etc) then that type of marketing is called the Direct Marketing.

Types  : There are number of types in direct marketing, Some of them are……

Direct Mail Marketing : Advertising material sent directly to home and business addresses (This is the most common form of direct marketing)

Telemarketing : It is the second most common form of direct marketing, in which marketers contact consumers by phone.

Email Marketing: This type of marketing targets customers through their email accounts (you might have observed them in your e mails too)

Indirect Marketing

Distributing a particular product through a channel that includes one or more resellers is called Indirect Markeging (simply we can say that telling about our product indirectly)

Difference between Direct and Indirect Marketings:

In Direct marketing you  advertise your own products or services. But in Indirect marketing you advertise somebody else’s Product.

Ex : Example of direct marketing is Shivani Sharma… As she markets her blog on her own. Example of Indirect marketing is Katrina Kaif, as she markets LUX but she doesn’t own that company 😉

Internet Marketing

M marketing of products or services over the Internet is called Internet Marketing. It is also know as i-marketing, web-marketing, online-marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and e-Marketing.

Digital Marketing

The marketing which uses digital advertising is called digital marketing. Television, Radio, Internet, mobile etc.

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