List of RBI Governors in India-Banking Awareness Material

Welcome to Our Website Now-a-days  many graduates are looking for a bright career in Banking Sector. Every graduate is preparing for the banking exams to get settled in reputed banks. Hence, there is high competition for banking exams. Every year no of candidates preparing for bank jobs is increasing rapidly. As there is heavy competition for bank employment, the exam setters are preparing question paper more tough. So the guys who are seriously preparing for the tests should not leave while preparing. Every mark in the test will decide your bright career. So we are advising all the job hunters to prepare each and every topic. Now we came up with a banking awareness material.

We all know that this section is also a tough one in the banking exams. There will be one question on RBI Governors in every exam. SO here we brought up a list which represents list of RBI Governors from 1935 – 2016. In order to make the candidates preparation easy, we are providing RBI Governors List here with years. These questions will be asked in the bank exams for sure. Applicants are also advised to go through more stuff regarding the RBI for more questions. Applicants will not only gets the questions on RBI Governors but also there are many other questions on the topic Reserve Bank of India. Below we are providing list of candidates of Governors with their joining and leaving years as well.

SL.NO Name of The Governor Joining and Leaving Dates
1 Sir Osborne A. Smith April 1st 1935 – June 30th , 1937
2 Sir James Braid Taylor July 1st 1937 – February 17th , 1943
3 Sir Chintaman D. Deshmukh August 11th 1943 – June 30th ,1949
4 Sir Benegal Rama Rau July 1st 1949 – January 14th 1957
5 K.G. Ambegaonkar January 14th 1957 – February 28th 1957
6 H.V.R. Ienger March 1st 1957 – February 28th 1962
7 P.C. Bhattacharyya March 1st 1962 – June 30th 1967
8 L.K. Jha July 1st 1967 – May 3rd 1970
9 B.N. Adarkar May 4th 1970 – June 15th 1970
10 S. Jagannathan June 16th 1970 – May 19th 1975
11 N.C. Sen Gupta May 19th 1975 – August 19th 1975
12 K.R. Puri August 20th 1975 – May 2nd 1977
13 M. Narasimham May 2nd 1977 – November 30th 1977
14 Dr. I.G. Patel December 1st 1977 – September 15th 1982
15 Dr. Manmohan Singh September 16th 1982 – January 14th 1985
16 A. Ghosh January 15th 1985 – February 4th 1985
17 R.N. Malhotra February 4th 1985 – December 22nd 1990
18 S. Venkitaramanan December 22nd 1990 – December 21st 1992
19 Dr. C. Rangarajan December 22nd 1992 – November 22nd 1997
20 Dr. Bimal Jalan November 22nd 1997 – September 5th 2003
21 Dr. Y.V.Reddy September 6th 2003 – September 5th 2008
22 Dr. D. Subbarao September 5th 2008 –September 4th 2013
23 Dr. Raghuram Rajan September 4th 2013

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