Indian History Questions & Answer

1. The Bhakti Movement was first organized by
Answer : Ramanuja
2. An example of Chola architecture cab be seen at
Answer: Tanjore
3. Panchantra was written by
Answer: Vishnu Sharma
4. Decimal system was introduced by
Answer: Bhaskara
5. Who is known as the “Napoleon of India”?
Answer: Samudragupta
6. Who was the founder of the Gupta dynasty?
Answer: Chandragupta I
7. The stone Age people had the first domestic
Answer: Sheep
8. The Government invention of man in Palaeolithic Age was
Answer: Fire
9. Which was the first metal used by man?
Answer: Copper
10. Which one of the following Harappan sites had a dock?
Answer: Lothal
11. The extreme form of Ahimsa or non violence is practiced in
Answer: Buddhism
12. The Aryans came to India from
Answer: Central Asia
13. Alexander died at
Answer: Babylon
14. The Gandhi Mandapam where Gandhiji’s ashes were placed before immersion is in
Answer: Kanyakumari
15. Who introduced the system of Local boards or Local Bodies in India?
Answer: Lord Ripon
16. Who introduced the system of Local boards or Local Bodies in India?
Answer: Lord Ripon
17. Which of the following Harappan sites had a dock?
Answer: Lothal
18. The Indus Valley Civilization belongs to the
Answer: Neolithic Age
19. The family of the Rig Vedic Aryans was
Answer: Patriarchal
20. The fourth Buddhist Council was held at
Answer: Kundalavana
21. The first Buddhist Council was held in the reign of
Answer: Ajatashatru
22. Lord Buddha was born in
Answer: Lumbini
23. The largest grant of villages to temples and brahmana was given by the ruling dynasty known as
Answer: The Guptas
24. Adigranth is the religious book of
Answer: Sikhs
25. The first President of the Republic of India was
Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad
26. The French Revolution took place in the year
Answer: 1789
27. Which metal was first used by the Indus people?
Answer: Silver
28. Which of the following regions did not form the part of Ashoka’s empire?
Answer: Madras
29. The founder of the first Afghan rule in India was
Answer: Ibrahim Lodi
30. The Indus Valley houses were built of
Answer: Bricks
31. Who was the founder of Haryanka dynasty?
Answer: Bimbisara
32. Who was the last ruler of Nanda dynasty?
Answer: Dhana Nanda
33. Which Indian bird or animal was widely exported during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Peacock
34. Where was the central point or meeting point of Indo-Roman trade?
Answer: Alexandria
35. Which Sangam composition is known as ‘The Bible of Tamil Land’?
Answer: Tirukkural
36. Who were the richest and biggest land owning class during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Velas
37. Who wrote Shilappdikaram in Sangam Literature?
Answer: Elango Adigal
38. Indra Vihara was the monastery of which religion?
Answer: Buddhist
39. How many literary compositions were there in Sangam Literature?
Answer: Eight
40. What was called Iravu during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Extra demands or forced gift.
41. Udiyageral was a ruler of which dynasty?
Answer: Chera dynasty
42. The students of Sangam Age were called by which name?
Answer: Pillai
43. Which type of village was known as Mudur in Sangam Age?
Answer: Old village
44. Which particular site is believed to represent the meeting point of the three Sangam Kingdoms?
Answer: Madukkarai
45. What was the state emblem of Pandya rulers?
Answer: Fish
46. Who was the composer of ‘Manimekalai’?
Answer: Sitalai Sattanar
47. Where was the second Sangam Literature held?
Answer: At Kapatapuram or Alaiway
48. What were Mauryans called by Jainism and Buddhism?
Answer: Mayur
49. Who was the founder of Maurya Empire?
Answer: Chndragupta Maurya
50. What was the early name of Chanakya?
Answer: Vishnugupta

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