General Awareness

Important historic national movements: national movements are the most important issues and common questions on general awareness of the game in most competitive exams. Here we mention the list of historic national movements occurred in India. Especially candidates in the Bank’s examinations and other competitive exams are advised to check the list. We present this information to you after checking various previous documents. We observed repeated questions on these topics in almost all newspapers. Every single brand competition is important for students appearing for exams.

Candidates prepare for exams banks are asked to focus on a current affairs part. This game will definitely work as part of the review to decide candidates. So we advise candidates to take care of this part as much as possible. Follow the news regularly. Read news papers like The Hindu and economic times and also go with the current part. Prepare regular notes by checking all these things. This will definitely help you in preparing last minute. If you have not done the preparation of regular start, we suggest you check the general knowledge stuff we updated our website. We updated our equipment under the guidance of experts to Candidates can prepare with our material carefully.

Government of India Act- 1858

Indian National Congress -1885

Partition of Bengal – 1905

Muslim League – 1906

Swadeshi Movement – 1905

Morley-Minto Reforms – 1909

Lucknow Pact- 1916

Home Rule Movement – 1916-1920

The Gandhian Era -1917-1947

Khilafat Movement – 1919

The Rowlatt Act – 1919

Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre – 1919

Non-Cooperation Movement- 1920

Chauri Chaura Incident – 1922

Swaraj Party – 1923

 Simon Commission – 1927

 Dandi March – 1930

Gandhi-Irwin Pact  -1931

The Government of India Act, 1935

Quit India Movement – 1942

Cabinet Mission Plan – 1946

 Interim Government – 1946

Formation of Constituent Assembly – 1946

Mountbatten Plan-  1947

The Indian Independence Act-  1947

Partition of India – 1947