IBPS Clerk 4 Exam Review and Analysis held on 21st December 2014 morning Shift


IBPS Clerk 4 Exam Review and Analysis held on 21st December 2014

Hi, I am  Kumar from Hyderabad

I have completed my clerk exam on 14th of this month 2014 my total attempt was 153 out the total questions 200.

Let me explain how I attempted exam what  strategy I have followed for the exam, and how I have prepared for the clerical exam.

General awareness questions asked in IBPS Clerk 4 Exam21st December 2014 morning Shift

I have been preparing for banking sector jobs since  one year I have attempted plenty of exams  in early stage I have seen may failures, now I have over gained the failures I have qualified few exam which is attempted for banking sector. For IBPS CLERICAL exam I have followed one simple method that only few person does I have not went huge size books to prepare the exam I just followed the one simple method that is every day I use to write online test that my institute conduct after writing that exam I simply come to home I will open my system I started solving those problem which I did mistake while writing the exam. like this I have solved plenty number of tests papers, why because I have prepared to solve this kind of papers means, institute management people will prepare the model paper based on last year asked question in exam and expected questions but these people what do is they will increase the toughness of the question and they will release on us.

Questions asked in IBPS clerk Exam 21st December 2014 morning Shift:

If we could able to solve this kind of questions easily we can easily solve actually asked questions in main exam because in main exam they will not give that much tough question what my institute prepare.

I thought this method is more useful when compare to taking huge size of banking books and getting feel sad while looking at that book, obviously we can’t go through all pages I know that most people will do that.

After all this I have completed my preparation 5 days ago , after preparation only I revised all the topics that I prepared for the exam.

One more this is I never touched the topics in revising which I felt tough while preparing because I may feel confuse at that time.

Before the exam I have divided the time for each and every sections which we able to face in exam.

And I decided which topics I have to go through first and how much time should I allot for each and every section.

I feel this step is more important for the exam to write sleep enough before the exam take light breakfast before the exam and prepare which to has start first.

Questions asked in today exam:

  1. About cbs AQB
  2. WHo hadqurt
  3. Lko is situated on bank of which river
  4. Who was Tapan Rai Chaudhary
  5. Australia Capital
  6. Argentina Currency
  7. Loland Book writer
  8. Revised Target of A/c in PMJDY
  9. Min age for Minor A/c
  10. Brazil President
  11. Sushma Swaraj Constituency
  12. Who can lonch commersal papet
  13. sarjubala devi related to which sport?
  14. tapan raychaudhri died?
  15. lowland written by?
  16. Nasa mission name- martiner 4 mission
  17. lucknow city river name?

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Time management in IBPS clerk Exam 21st December 2014 morning Shift:

Coming to me I have followed my method that I feel better , I have categorized my time for math’s and reasoning and general awareness and English and computers  as followed.

I have attempted first computers and next general awareness , English and reasoning and last maths.

I have split my time 120 minutes according to as follows

For computers ->10 minutes

General  awareness ->12 to 15 minutes

English->25 minutes

Reasoning->35 minutes

Maths->35 minutes like I have followed.

In my clerk exam I have attempted 153 questions as follows






But maintained accuracy.

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