How to prepare last 5 minutes interview tips for bank job

Last minute interview tips for bank jobs: You’re one of the lucky few selected for a job interview! Whether you’re fresh out of college or desire for a career change, the possibility of getting a job with the potential for financial success and rewards linked to produce some butterflies in your stomach. Going through the interview process can be time consuming and very stressful, as a make or break decision could predict your future. And the weight of competition and thought being rejected can leave you anxiety, then here is how you can take on stress in five minutes or less before an interview.

  1. Dress Code:

Looking the part really is half the battle. A professional interview outfit is part of making a good first impression.

  1. Research:

Get out your smartphone for a quick Google search on your company. Read up on any recent news items that the company is mentioned in and make sure you take a look at the company’s website.

  1. Quiz yourself

While it’s hard to predict exactly what you’ll be asked during your job interview, there are a handful of questions that you should be prepared for. Don’t be caught off guard when you’re asked to talk about your past job experiences or specific projects.

  1. First Impression

At its core, a good interview is really about making a positive first impression. All that dressing professionally, arriving on time, and coming prepared won’t matter if you seem arrogant and self-absorbed. Carry yourself with a confidence — your positive, professional attitude won’t go unnoticed.

Before going to the questions, let us discuss something about the dos and don’ts before the interview.


  • Make sure that you have taken all the documents required for the interview; check twice and thrice. And even take an extra copy of Photostats of all the documents you have, just for safety.
  • Reach the interview center well in advance. We suggest you to reach the venue at least 30 minutes before the reporting time, in order to avoid last minute tensions.
  • For boys: wear a formal, light-colored and preferably full-hand shirt. Better to avoid blazers as they may look to be over formal; if you are interested you can wear it. Wear formal shoes and make sure that your hairstyle doesn’t look too funky.
  • For Girls: Wear a formal dress like Salwars or even sarees; the same as above needed to be followed, that is be formal and you need not to wear shoes.
  • Don’t discuss questions with the person who has completed the interview, because it may tense you a bit.
  • Knock the door before you enter the room and gently close the door after entering and evening after leaving the room.
  • Maintain a smile on your face right from the moment you enter the interview room and the smile must be on your face till you leave the room. The smile needs to be genuine and polite one as most of the interviewers will be having experience of our age!
  • As soon as you enter the room, wish each and every member of your panel and stand till they ask you to sit. Remember that, when they offer you a seat, thank them and then sit.
  • Be frank and stick on to your answers. If you are not sure about answer, you may start like – “if I am not wrong…”
  • What so ever you are replying to them, convey them in a confident way. This will give them a good impression on you.


  • Never show tension in your face; this will give them a chance of confusing you even if you give correct answers.
  • Do not scratch your head, neck or your nose when answering, because all these all are negative gestures
  • Don’t speak with a louder voice; make your voice clear and audible.
  • Do not enter into argument with the panel members. If they have gone wrong somewhere, try to explain in a smoother way.
  • Shaking hands too weakly or too strong
  • Complaining that you were kept waiting for the interview
  • Sitting in a sloppy manner
  • Chewing gum, a pen or playing with your hair
  • Bad mouthing you previous boss
  • Sharing too much
  • Explaining in detail about the cause of the job layoff
  • Showing nervousness
  • Being too prepared. Blurting your answers out


We are also providing you some questions that were asked in previous interviews just to give you an insight how the interview may be:

  • Difference between GDP & GNP
  • What is Boyle’s law
  • What law of motion
  • How can an illiterate person use card if he doesn’t know how to use it and enter the pin?
  • Is there any ATM without a PIN?
  • What is liquidity?
  • What are the functions of RBI?
  • Difference between credit and debit cards
  • Explain about financial inclusion
  • Tell us about different types of accounts
  • What is meant by priority sector?
  • Brief about educational loans and do they need any collateral security?
  • Full form of ATM and the OS being used in it
  • What are the problems that public are facing in the PSBs at present?
  • Difference between RTI & RTE
  • Full form of WWW
  • What is the Augusta Westland deal all about?
  • Explain: CRR, SLR, Base Rate, Bank rate, Repo rate & Reverse Repo
  • Who regulates the insurance and share market; where are their head quarters located?
  • What is meant by IPO?
  • Explain the monetary policies
  • Function of financial management
  • Who is the CVC
  • Who is the present CJI of India
  • What is CSR and name any two companies which follow them
  • What is NPA
  • Brief out about SARFAESI act
  • What is the basic difference between sales and marketing
  • Classify the types of customers
  • Difference between money market & Capital market
  • Difference between World Bank & IMF
  • Reason behind rupee devaluation
  • How CRR is being used as a tool by RBI for various purposes
  • Difference between absolute and opportunity costs
  • What is fund flow?
  • Explain about the basic account principles

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