How to Increase Speed in Bank Exams SBI/ IBPS

Last Minute tips for bank exams

Time management is most important task in all competitive examinations. We have to attempt more number of questions in given time.  How to attempt more questions? How to increase speed in bank exams? How to manage time in bank exams? We have to give clarification about all these questions in this topic. To increase the speed in bank exams for PO, clerk and etc. we have to follow the following procedures.

Steps to Increase Speed in Bank Exams:

Shortcut Tricks and Tips:

Questions asked in Reasoning and quantitative aptitude sections are very lengthy to solve them. But we have number of tricks and tips for reasoning and aptitude questions.  Approximately 1 minute time will take to each question in these sections so we have to spend 40 minutes time for only one section. Out of 120 minutes time 80 minutes waste for only two sections then how to score minimum cutoff marks in all sections. But we will use shortcut approximately 30 seconds time will require for each question. Then we will have completed these two sections in 40 minutes. We have 120 minutes for 5 sections then 24 minutes need for each section so we have 48 minutes for these two sections but we will complete in only 40 minutes.

Last Minute tips for bank exams

Leave Difficulty questions:

Difficulty questions and we have known but do not come to mind will take minimum 5 minutes time and we will not observed time at that time. So, best solution for these questions is skipping them. After completion of exam then attempt skipped questions one by one until end of exam time.

Increase Speed in Mathematic Calculations:

We all have known that Practice makes a man perfect. If we know the method of solution however we have to practice on that topic. Try this once type a number 7 8 4 7 2 0 5 1 7 9 8 2 6 0 1 4. Observe the time when typing first time and 5th time and 10th time. Definitely you will type all ;letters in half of the time of first time. So practice more and more to get increase speed.

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