How to Improve your Quant Score in Competitive Exams?

How to Improve your Quant Score in Competitive Exams?

Quant or Quantitative Aptitude refers to a test that checks the ability of a person to solve mathematical problems. In every competitive examination there is a section of Quantitative Aptitude. This section is quite tricky and a difficult one. On the other hand, it contains more marks too. The candidates mostly fail to clear the competitive exams as they are not able to clear the cut-off in this section as it carries more marks than other sections.

In order to succeed in the competitive exams, the students must try to improve their performance in this section. Quantitative Aptitude is also an important section in the Bank Exams too.

This article provides tricks for improving the Quantitative Aptitude scores in Competitive Exams.

Tips for improving scores in the Quant Section while attempting the Question Paper for different Competitive Exams:

  1. Start with the easier questions- While attempting any questio paper, the candidate must keep in mind that the Quant section is quite difficult and if they start off with the questions that they are not enough confident then they might end up in not answering the full question paper.
  2. Manage your time properly- As all of us are aware that the time is limited for answering the question paper, thus there is a requirement in order to manage the time sufficiently. If the candidate is unable to do so, then he/she will not be able to finish the question paper in time.

This is because the Quant section has Math calculations involved and if the candidate takes too much time in solving this section then all other sections will be left behind. So, here the importance of time management arises.

  1. Do not rush- The candidates are advised not to get tensed and anxious in the exam hall. Be calm and try to solve questions. The questions that are difficult to be solved must be kept aside and try to solve those which seems easier.

Tips for a Good Preparation of the Quant Section:

  1. Start Practicing Elementary Maths- The questions in the quant section involves mathematics that we might have studied in school. The formulae are also same for the calculations. Therefore, to get a good grip in this section the candidate is required to practice simple and basic maths.
  2. Practice Mock Papers- In order to have an idea about the questions that are asked in the exams, the need is to practice mock papers and previous years’ question papers. It will help a lot as there are different types of questions that are asked in the exams.
  3. Memorise Important Formulae and Tables- The different formulae must be memorized by the candidate in order to save time during the examinations. Also, the cube roots and square roots must be learnt so that the calculations can be easily solved.

So, this was all regarding improving the Quant Scores in Competitive Exams. Hope it was useful.

About the author:

With a degree in Engineering, Saswati Ghosh is a content writer by profession. She is passionate about creative writing and blogging along with an interest in reading and part-time teaching. She is presently exploring all about the digital education with Byju’s-the Learning App.


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