How to Calculate Square any 2 Digit Number in 3 Seconds

Time management is most important in any competitive exam. So, we need to calculate mathematical problems in less time. Here we are providing some tips to calculate typical problems in simple method to take less time. By using tip we can find any two digit number square in 3 to 5 seconds time duration.

Here we explained with an example to calculate square of any 2 digit number:

Example: 342

Step 1: Unit Digit Square = 42 = 16

how to square any 2 digit number

Step 2: Multiply all numbers in problem = 3 x 4 x 2 = 14

how to square any 2 digit number

Step 3: Tenth Digit Square = 32 = 9

how to square any two digit number

Watch Video for this Tip with More Examples:

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