Career Guidance After 10th Standard Career Options

Career Guidance After 10th in Science, Commerce, India

Man should know the future by choosing the chance today. Every decision will result in future. The decision will make you wiser or businessman or politician or doctor or else. So, we need to step forward carefully. We have to know what we will do. The first step to career is after 10th class. It will decide your total life. If you make decision wrong you will cry whole life. It will never come back. It will pain you. SO, ask your parents, ask wiser people, read article, know all career options after 10th class, take guidance from good people then think yourself and take decision. Don’t go in regular way, like my friend take this course so I will take, this is near to our home so I will take this course etc. Here we are giving valuable Career Guidance After 10th standard students.

Career Guidance / Options after 10th in Science

Students who are willing to become an engineering or doctor take this course.

What subject in Science Group:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics (Optional)
  • Biology (Optional)

Physics and chemistry is common for all students. But Mathematics and Biology is optional subjects take any one based on interest.

Career options After 10th Class in Science:

Skills Required for Science:

  • Comfortable with Maths and science subjects
  • There will be longer periods of studies involved in colleges, and while in jobs for research.
  • Determining the properties of an object by using your senses is an important aspect in Science.
  • Numerical ability in terms of measurement, estimation of data, recording etc.,

Higher Studies with Science:

After Intermediate/ 12th Class:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science (B. Sc)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering / Technology (B.E / B. Tech)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine & Surgery (MBBS)

After bachelor Degree/ Graduation:

  • Masters in Engineering
  • Doctor of Medicine etc.,

Career options After 10th Class in Commerce:

What subject in Commerce Group:

  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Business Economics
  • Finance
  • Maths (Optional)

Career options After 10th Class in Commerce:

Skills Required for Commerce:

  • Comfortable with calculations and number crunching ie., good analytical skill.
  • Completing the task within a specified time limit
  • Computing skills
  • Good communication
  • Since accounting is done on computer software
  • Getting the basic knowledge in computing (spreadsheet etc.,) will be good

Higher Studies with Commerce:

After Intermediate/ 12th Class:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (B.Com)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (B.A.)

After bachelor Degree/ Graduation:

  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Cost Accountancy
  • Company Secretary