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Friends, in our English Grammar Shortcut rules series today we shall discuss the Rules of Adjectives. Before going into details lets start with the basic definition of Adjectives followed by some examples.

Basic Definition of Adjective : Simply we can say that Adjectives are describing words. Adjectives are words that describe or modify nouns.

Examples :

  1. Sizes : big, small, large, thin, thick
  2. Shapes : triangular, round, square, circular
  3. Colors : black, blue, white, green, red
  4. Personality : happy, sad, angry, depressed
  5. Time : Yearly , monthly, annually
  6. Ages : new, young, old, brand-new, second-hand
  7. Sounds : Loud, noisy, quiet, silent
  8. Tastes : juicy, sweet
  9. Qualities : good, bad, mediocre

now lets have a look at the Rules on Adjectives :

Shortcut Rule 1 : In a comparision, the conjunction ‘than’ should be followed by ‘any other’ If a person / thing is compared with any other person / thing among some / many.

  • Mumbai is greater than any city in India.
  • Mumbai is greater than any other city in India. 

Shortcut Rule 2 : In comparisons, the monosyllable words like “hot / easy / tall / small” should not be used with more / most.

  • This question is more easier than that. ✔
  • This question is easier than that. ✔
  • He is more taller than Kumar.
  • He is taller than Kumar. ✔

 Shortcut Rule 3 : Elder / Eldest should be used with the members of the same family.

Older/ Oldest these comparative adjective denote the age of person / thing.

Ex :

He is elder to me. (He and me belong to one family).

Ronald Reagan was the oldest person elected to the Presidency in US history (Not specifying a family)

  • This is the eldest tree in the garden
  • This is the oldest tree in the garden.

Shortcut Rule 4 : While comparing the objects, we should see that a noun is compared with another but not with some other word.

  • The population of Hyderabad is greater than Nagpur
  • The population of Hyderabad is greater than that of Nagpur (OR) ✔
  • The population of Hyderabad is greater than the population of Nagpur. ✔
  • The climate of Ooty is better than Chennai.
  • The climate of Ooty is better than that of Chennai. ✔

Shortcut Rule 5 :

One, Two, Three etc. are caled Cardinal Numbers.

First, Second, Third etc are called Ordinal Numbers.Anchor

In usage the Ordinal number is used in the First Place.

  • The five first chapters of this book are very interesting.
  • The first five chapters of this book are very interesting. ✔

Shortcut Rule 6 : The following comparative adjectives should be used ‘to’ in comparison but not ‘than’. (More / Most should not be used).

Interior / Superior / Junior / Senior / Anterior / Posterior etc.

  • They are senior than me
  • They are senior to me. ✔
  • She is more senior to me
  • She is senior to me ✔

Shortcut Rule 7 : After ‘comparatively / relatively’ an adjective under positive degree should be used.

  • The weather is comparatively hotter today
  • The weather is comparatively hot today. ✔

Shortcut Rule 8 : After ‘prefer / preferable’ instead of than, ‘to’ should be used.

  • She prefers milk than coffee
  • She prefers milk to coffee ✔
  • Winter is preferable than summer
  • Winter is preferable to summer ✔

Shortcut Rule 9 : More / Most should not be used with ‘excellent / unique / perfect / major / complete / round / golden etc.

  • It is more excellent
  • It is excellent ✔

Shortcut Rule 10 : When we compare two qualities in the same person, we should say

 ‘Shivani is more wise than strong’

Shortcut Rule 11 : When two adjectives in different degrees of comparision are used in the same sentence, each should be complete in itself.

  • He is as good if not better than his brother
  • He is as good as if not better than his brother ✔
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